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Electric rollers need inspection before they are used.

With the progress of the times and the development of high-tech, the application of electric roller in the industry can not be underestimated, the safe use of electric roller has become particularly important, the following Xiaobian from the network to find some information, can help us better use of electric roller, I hope to help everyone:

First of all, before using the electric drum, we should drive the drum by hand to see if it is rotating normally, and also to see if the direction is consistent. Then, we also need to check whether there is any lubricant in the drum, there are no other debris, and sometimes the remaining part of the drum metal is also possible, so we should carefully check before using. We should also pay attention to whether the fasteners are fully fastened or not. Finally check whether the gap between the screen and the screen is normal. After finishing these preparations, the use of electric rollers is more conducive to the efficient work of electric rollers.

Of course, when we use electric rollers, the running in problem is also our concern. We should also pay attention to the following problems when using.

1. Leakage phenomenon: loose parts, oscillation and the influence of electric drum heating, sealing surface and pipe joints, etc., will appear seepage phenomenon; but because of the oscillation and impact effect in the process of work, this defect is exposed, as leakage (leakage) oil.

2. Poor internal lubrication: the parts of the new electric drum have less cooperation vacancy, and because of equipment and other reasons, smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform film on the surface of the conflict to prevent wear and tear.

3. The wear rate is too fast: because of the influence of parts processing, equipment and debugging of new electric drum, the touch area of the collaboration surface is small. During the operation process, the collaboration surface of the new electric drum will be worn out more immediately.