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Three factors affecting the use of electric rollers

1. Change the lubricating oil of the electric drum. After the first use is qualified by the test run, change the lubricating oil and clean the inner part of the electric drum in time. The electric roller should be changed for 300~400 hours after the first official operation. If the electric drum is used in harsh environment, high temperature and too much dust and impurities, it is recommended that you check the lubricating oil every 15 working days. Keep the electric roller lubricating oil clean, thus improving the life of the electric roller.

2. There must be a ventilator (vent hole), that is, the vent plug, in order to ensure that the electric drum in the operation of the gas discharge.

3. Striking with force is strictly prohibited. When coupling, pulley and sprocket are installed at the output end of electric drum, direct hammering is not allowed. Because the structure of the output of the electric roller can not withstand hammering, remind you to pay attention to the way of installation.

Cylinder material selection: carbon steel galvanizing, carbon steel chrome plating, carbon steel coating, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ABS and so on. Roller type selection: no power roller, single chain roller, double chain roller, "O" with roller, conical roller, groove roller. Roller fixation: spring press, internal teeth shaft, full flat tenon, shaft pin hole type. The driving drum is made up of 3 kinds of steel rolls, welding steel, cast iron and cast iron. From the structural type, there are 3 kinds of assembly, spoke plate, spoke type and integral spoke type. In addition, the surface of the drum also has smooth surface, glue coating, casting glue and other forms; among them, the steel plate welding assembly spoke plate casting glue drum is widely used.

A good product should not only purchase good quality, but also its main usage and maintenance.

The dust on the transmission drum must be cleaned regularly.

Regular inspection should be made for the welding of the roller housing and the end cover.

To maintain good lubricity of transmission drum, reduce friction damage to transmission drum.

To avoid overload operation of the transmission cylinder, extend its service life.

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