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A wide range of electric rollers

Since its inception, the most important application of electric drum industry is mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, power and other industries, Tongxiang City Wutong Oriental Gear Factory produced by the electric drum is more suitable for a wide range, because he has a variety of advantages, the following brief introduction to the advantages of electric drum.

1. The electric drum of Tongxiang Wutong Oriental Gear Factory is well sealed. It is suitable for the workplaces with high dust concentration and wet mud. Its structure is simple and compact, occupies a small space area, and can meet the requirements of various reversing stops, braking and gluing.

2. Easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable operation, long life, less energy consumption, and easy to achieve centralized control.

3. Can replace the widely used motor-reducer type of external drive device, used to constitute a belt conveyor, can transport coal, ore, sand, cement, flour and other bulk materials, can also transport jute bags, equipment and other finished goods.

4, but when using, we should pay attention to its environmental temperature and material temperature. Voltage, frequency and so on.

Tongxiang Oriental Tung gear factory has many kinds of electric rollers, such as oil cooled electric rollers and so on. Enterprises always focus on product quality, production quality can absolutely let you rest assured that after-sales service is also high quality, if you need to contact or direct access!