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How does our Dongfang gear factory do its own electric roller brand?

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more mechanical equipment to replace our hand-made, and our Oriental Gear Factory production of electric drum is applied to a variety of mechanical drum above, our electric drum is the motor and reducer linked to improve its efficiency!

First let us know about the electric drum: according to the special occasions of the belt conveyor, the electric drum appeared in the form of separate drive and electric drum drive between the deceleration device in the inner drum, the motor in the outside of the drum installed electric drum.

Compared with the separated driving device, the electric drum has many advantages, such as compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable operation, good sealing, occupying small space, easy installation and so on, and is suitable for working in a variety of adverse environmental conditions. Including wet, muddy, dusty working environment.

No matter what product, it is very important to have its own brand, how to do a good job of electric drum brand, which requires us to formulate our own development line of Oriental Gear Factory. Only by doing a good job in quality and serving customers with one mind, can the products be widely used in the field of machinery, with high utilization rate and long service life, and become the first choice of many industries.