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Four basic classifications of electric rollers

There are four basic methods for the classification of electric rollers. According to different forms, there are different classifications. Let's look at the classification of drum motor cooling.

Oil cooled electric roller. Electric roller, also known as indirect oil cooling electric roller. Some cooling oil, drum ring because of the continuous rotation of the cylinder body, the cylinder scraper will reverse the oil motor and gear, take away heat motor and gear work, the heat generated is transferred to the cylinder wall, speed up the cooling of the motor, avoid the burning of the electric drum, gear lubrication. The oil cooling electric roller is the key to the automobile. It is not allowed to enter the oil inside.

Oil immersed electric roller. Oil-immersed electric drums are also known as direct oil-cooled drums. This type of electric drums allows oil to enter the motor and directly contact the rotor and stator windings of the motor, so that the heat generated when they work depends on the rotating cylinder body and in the body to transfer to the cylinder wall. The cooling effect of the structure is good, but the relative demand is higher for the quality and the movement of the lubricating oil.

The air cooled electric roller outside. Electric drums are characterized by a car without oil cooling, forced air cooling and natural through conduction, convection, radiation and wind energy and can be divided into two types. Tongxiang Tung Tung gear factory specializes in producing electric rollers. Welcome to our factory.